The No Touch Thermometer® measures body temperature NON-INVASIVELY, with no direct contact, making it SAFE & HYGIENIC.

Using advanced infrared technology, the No Touch thermometer® measures the infrared heat and converts this measurement into an oral equivalent temperature.
The No Touch Thermometer is ACCURATE and meets the accuracy requirements of ASTM E-1965-98 standard.

How Does it Work?
Using advanced technology the No Touch thermometer® measures the temperature of the infra red heat given off by the arterial blood supply under the temple skin and converts this temperature into an oral equivalent temperature.

Temporal artery thermometry is

  • Hygienic, safe and economic.
  • User and patient friendly.
  • Suitable from pediatrics to geriatrics
  • Ideal for the uncooperative patients and children, no need to stand still,wake up or touch.
  • Currently servicing hospitals, aged care facilities and many GP’s.
  • No need to stand still, wake up or touch.
  • No Trauma, No pain, No Tears, No Touch.

The New Improved No Touch 990

The No Touch Thermometer® is used in thousands of homes, doctors offices, and hospitals across the country and region. Now, we are pleased to announce the new model - the all new No Touch® 990 thermometer.

Check out the all NEW No Touch

Talking No Touch Thermometer®

The all new Talking No Touch thermometer® is now available. Everything you love in the standard trusty No Touch thermometer®, but now it talks to you, making it even more convenient!

Talking No Touch Thermometer®

Doctors and Hospitals Use No Touch Too!

No Touch thermometers® have been used by healthcare providers, & hospitals for many years in Australia. If you are not already using No Touch thermometers® with your patients, find out why you should be.

Healthcare Professionals

No Touch for Pets and Vets

No Touch Thermometer® has been used for humans for many years. Now, the all new No Touch for pets is available for your use with your pets, or by veterinarians, giving your pets less stress.

No Touch Thermometer for animals