baby forehead thermometer 

Best Baby Forehead Thermometer 


Reap the benefits of an effectively designed baby forehead thermometer. Here at No Touch Thermometer we are the leading team in manufacturing state of the art forehead thermometers in Australia. We understand the severity of the current global pandemic and we go above and beyond to ensure that you can get your temperature tested with accuracy as a first point of testing. When it comes to the best baby forehead thermometer – your number one choice should be us. We have built our systems and thermometers to ensure the accuracy of readings, as well as the ability to ensure clients have ease of viewing results without any convoluted button schemes. That is why our digital forehead thermometers in Australia and our infrared forehead thermometer in Australia have been voted as the utmost finest and precise devices to utilise during COVID-19.   



-Quick & Easy, no struggle or stress 

-No touch mode to reduce contact 

-Colour-coded temperature guidance 

-Silent mode for middle-of-the-night readings 

-Backlight for night time reading 

-Clinically-proven accuracy 

-Positioning guidance system 

-Ease of reading results and user-friendly display 

-One second Measurement 

-Non-Contact for Hygiene and Comfort 

-Surface Mode 

-Fever Alarm & Mute Function 

-All our NoTouch Thermometers have been certified by the TGA and registered on the ARTG. 


Here at No Touch Thermometer we comprehend the severity and sensitivity of your baby having an elevated temperature. Hence why we created and engineered an easy to use, reliable device to ensure that you get precise results each and every time. When you hear the phrase “Baby forehead thermometer” you know you require the best forehead thermometer that we manufacture. Transparency, professionalism and overall a wealth of knowledge spanning a plethora of fields is what we are here at NTT and we have collated all our knowledge and manufactured the best forehead thermometer systems in Australia. For additional information and insight on our products, please feel free to download the specifications or contact us directly.