Body Temperature Thermometers 


During the hard and stressful period we are traversing, No Touch Thermometer has pioneered with our leading infrared body temperature thermometers products that have been distributed to hospitals and the public to ensure that you obtain accurate temperature readings when you require. We have built our systems and thermometers to ensure the accuracy of readings, as well as the ability to ensure clients have ease of viewing results without any convoluted button schemes. That is why our no touch forehead thermometer in Australia and our infrared forehead and body temperature thermometer Australia have been voted as the utmost finest and precise devices to utilise during COVID-19.   


We have revolutionised the way thermometers are developed and we want to share them with you! 



  • Reliable readings on both babies and adults. 
  • State of the art algorithms to ensure accuracy.  
  • Equitable pricing on all thermometers. 
  • No touch mode to reduce contact 
  • Utilised around most hospitals in Australia due to the pandemic – trusted! 
  • Colour-coded temperature guidance 
  • Silent mode for middle-of-the-night readings 
  • Exceptional client support for recalls and repairs. 
  • Buy non contact thermometer from a reliable source! 
  • Leading industry knowledge and experience in the medical scene. 


When you hear the phrase “body temperature thermometers” you should know that we are your number one choice! Here at No Touch Thermometer we are the pioneering team in developing leading touchless thermometers that precisely determine anyone’s temperature without the need for touching the patient. Reliability, dedication and professionalism are our key traits here at NTT. We have revolutionised the way body temperature thermometers are developed and we want to share them with you! So, if you are in the market seeking reliable and cost effective body temperature thermometers – seek no further and contact No Touch Thermometer, today!