Infrared Baby Thermometer 

infrared thermometer price 


Health and safety are two of the most important priorities of a parent. They play a pivotal role in the proper upbringing of a baby. Remember that something that could be trivial to an adult may cause adverse reactions to a baby’s delicate body. This is the main reason why it’s important to be extra cautious when purchasing baby products, particularly those that make contact with the baby’s skin. When it comes to a child, you can never be too safe. Add a baby thermometer to your first aid or baby grooming kit to measure your little one’s temperature and spot illnesses fast. An accurate measurement of temperature can reveal things that do not get detected by merely feeling your baby’s forehead. Here at No Touch Thermometer we have revolutionised the temperature recording realm with state of the art infrared baby thermometer systems that will give you reliable results each and every time.  



-Quick & Easy, no struggle or stress 

-No touch mode to reduce contact 

-Equitable pricing on our infrared thermometers. 

-Colour-coded temperature guidance 

-Silent mode for middle-of-the-night readings 

-Backlight for night time reading 

-Clinically-proven accuracy 

-Positioning guidance system 

-Ease of reading results and user friendly display 

-One second Measurement 

-Non-Contact for Hygiene and Comfort 

-Surface Mode 

-Fever Alarm & Mute Function 

-All our NoTouch Thermometers have been certified by the TGA and registered on the ARTG. 


When you hear the phrase “Infrared thermometer price” or “Infrared forehead thermometer Australia” your mind should pinpoint to one and only one company; the leading professionals here at No Touch Thermometer. For more insight on our infrared forehead thermometer for babies in Australia or any additional products – feel free to contact us directly and speak with a lovely member of staff.